Entrepreneur Word: Khalil Fuller

Khalil Fuller on time management.

How do I manage time? With precision and ruthless prioritization. There are so many things that can fill your day, it’s easy to mistake activity for achievement.

I live religiously by my To-Do List (I use Wunderlist). I have 3 lists: This Quarter, This Week, and Today. On Sunday evening, I take items from “This Quarter” to “This Week,” and first thing every every morning I take from “This Week” and put into “Today.” While doing so, I ask myself: Is this task actually important—and will it move the needle. If the answer is no, it gets deleted.

Whenever I’m working solo I use the Pomodoro Technique: 25 minutes of focus followed by 5-10 minutes of an intentional break.

While I can’t do it every day, I wake up at 4:30 twice/week and spend those early quiet hours on the most important work that requires deep thought.  From there, mornings are spent clearing email and supporting my team, while afternoons are reserved for attending meetings and taking calls.

My “social life” is nonexistent but I like it that way. Evenings and weekends are for quality time with my wife, taking care of my body, and learning (reading, podcasts, etc.)

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