Humor in Start-up Land

We Do Things Differently
The job hunt is the least fun “hunt” imaginable. And I was on it for two straight months after college. While moving home as you search for a career DOES mean free dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, the unemployed life is not a particularly glamorous one. There’s an inherent anxiety that comes in the weeks after you receive your diploma. Questions begin running through your head. Questions like “Were all those hours studying even worth it?” or “Why is experience required for entry-level jobs?” and “How long can a person survive on just Top Ramen?”
To combat these questions, I began to apply to just about every job in digital writing imaginable: Ad agencies to dog food-related start-ups. In searching through company websites, I noticed some similarities in their copy.

“We’re not like every other company.”“We’re disrupting the industry.”

“We ARE the change.”

“We’re ahead of the curve, and we’re not going to follow what everyone else does.”

“We’re looking ahead.”

“We’re breaking barriers.”

“We’re the future.”

“We’re different.”

Just about every place I applied claimed that they’re doing something different—which means they’re all doing the same thing. Well, this made it hard to distinguish between the various places. Sure, they said they were different, but how were they? What was the step they took to make good on that claim?

I then started thinking about how that might apply to my resume. So many other writers would also pretend to have an interest in comedy. So many others would claim to have a quirky style. Simply saying I was unique would not be enough. I would have to make something unique and broadcast it to the world.

If actions do speak louder than words, your brand identity should be action. Don’t just say you’re different. Prove it.

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