Q&A: Gary Briggs

Gary Briggs, CMO, Facebook

Everyone wants to partner with FB, what’s your advice on how to work with established social media companies? “Know our products well, particularly our APIs if you’re a developer. What is most compelling when speaking with a potential partner is when they take the time to know what we do well and don’t—and then have an idea on how to make them [products] better for the end-user (consumer, advertiser, developer).”

What’s the best thing about Mark Zuckerberg? “He’s much more of a regular person than people expect him to be. I really appreciate that about him.”

What college-learned skill(s) helps you perform daily? “How to work well with others on a team…and what to do when something isn’t working well, which often comes down to people keeping their commitments.”

Favorite website/blog that’s not related to FB?  “nytimes.com”

Is there an academic, artist, or business person who inspires you—and why/how? “Radiohead. They are constantly reinventing, learning and challenging. And great under headphones while cranking out work in the office.”

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