For 31 years, EY has produced a robust report on the global biotech industry. The 2017 Beyond Borders report moves beyond A, C, T, G—diving into digital disruption, AI, and streaming drug development. Read: ey-biotechnology-report-2017-beyond-borders-staying-the-course

Most entrepreneurs consider the accelerator route as a mean to building their business—but choosing one is not a simple matter. While name and reputation can matter, fit is far more important: The 2012 TechCocktail report provides insights and observations into some of the nation’s “best” accelerators: Top Accelerators Report. Updated information can be found at Tech.Co

Banking thousands of biotechnology, technology, and venture firms, Silicon Valley Bank has a front row seat to the financing of the innovation economy. Check out state-of-the-market-report 2018 and the 4Q_2017_PitchBook_NVCA_Venture_Monitor for well researched and presented information that anyone interested in entrepreneurship will find valuable.



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