WHAT IS 1790? The United States’ Patent Office opened and issued its first patent in 1790 to Samuel Hopkins: This was a seminal moment in America’s entrepreneurial journey and history. With this bit of history—and a few years of running fun and informative entrepreneurship summits for college students—I wanted to find a better way to share stories and information about entrepreneurship and innovation. Talks with students led me to create 1790 Media. B&W typewriterI hope you enjoy the content as much as I have enjoyed speaking with academics, entrepreneurs, and innovators—and working with my talented college student team to create the newsletter and accompanying blog. To bring the most exciting people to our forum: The 1790 team welcomes comments, insights, introductions, and content. Subscribe and/or pass on your thoughts at 1790 Media.


Jonathan Speed, Founder

Jonathan has worked for New York and San Francisco-based financial institutions, an economic development non-profit in Cleveland, Ohio, and numerous successful (and unsuccessful) tech start-ups in the Bay Area. Through his mother, he gained a passion for, and an understanding of the importance of, education—which he now channels by mentoring and advising high school and college entrepreneurs and local start-ups. His free time is devoted to photography, reading, skiing, travel—and his wife. He holds a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Brown University and a Master’s in Military History from Norwich University.