Good Advice

Service providers from five critical communities (accounting, banking, bookkeeping, insurance, and legal) offer quick thoughts on entrepreneurship. [Accounting: Ibi Krukrubo, managing partner, EY] Best advice you would give to a student starting a company? New entrepreneurs should focus on building the right team early, which includes operators (not just techies). Also, think about how technology … More Good Advice

International Vibe: Yannis Kliafas

Today we spoke to Yannis Kliafas, a greek entrepreneur, and one of the founders of the Athens Technology Center. The ATC “for the last 30 years, has supplied and managed the appropriate technology and resources to support the entrepreneurial spirit and profitable growth of medium and large-sized companies and Government entities around the globe.” We … More International Vibe: Yannis Kliafas

College Shout-Outs: Southern Methodist University

Kinga Malkinska will graduate from SMU with an MBA and MS in Engineering in 2018. She was born in Poland and raised in New Orleans. What are three things that the venture community would be surprised to learn about Dallas, student entrepreneurs, and SMU? The Dallas ecosystem—academic institutions, established industries, location, and affordability, for example—are … More College Shout-Outs: Southern Methodist University