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CEO Q&A with Alex Tonelli

Why has Vocate embraced the “human capital” business? I come from a disadvantaged background and a 5-minute conversation completely altered the trajectory of my life. I realized that most people don’t have access to those ‘5-minute’ conversations. Our mission of “Unlocking Human Potential” is about using technology to scale that discussion so everyone can have it.

What’s your best piece of advice for recent grads interested in joining a start-up? Remember that company risk is not the same thing as a risk to you. Your #1 goal is to learn as much as you possibly can, and a startup is a great place to do that. Come in with no ego and be willing to work hard and you’ll go far.

Is there a Vocate mantra? We often say, “we want missionaries, not mercenaries.” That’s not to say we don’t want to make a lot of money (because we do). However, building a startup means failing 100 times a day. It’s tough to “beat your alarm clock” to fail 100 times a day if you’re not a missionary.

Beyond compensation, students care about balance, impact, development, culture, and career path in their first job: How does Vocate help employees in these pursuits? We think we score highly on all of those dimensions. It would be hard to put it in a nutshell, but our core values are People, Passion, Growth, and Dream. We try to live that day-to-day. Further, we cared enough of about entry-level career guidance and the path to start a company about it, so internally we have developed practices around development, career guidance, etc.

Are you looking for interns or entry-level employees?If so, what jobs are open? We’re always looking for interns and entry-level hires. Recently, Forbes pointed out that we’re a great place to intern

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