Raising Capital

Influential venture capitalist Marc Andreessen stated, “raising venture capital is the easiest thing a startup founder is ever going to do.” Whether it is or is not—knowledge of the how, who, when, and where of fundraising is key to any start-ups success. With fewer venture firms, 898 in 2016 versus 1,009 in 2005, and more money going to a shrinking number of companies, entrepreneurs MUST become cognizant of the capital raising ecosystem. See links or downloadable reports below.

start up financing cycle

Three outlook reports from Silicon Valley Bank: US Startup Outlook Report 2017, China Startup Outlook Report 2017, and UK Startup Outlook Report 2017

Y Combinator’s guide to seed funding: A great beginning point.

2017 venture stats form the National Venture Capital Association: NVCA-2017-Yearbook

Unicorn births were up, deal activity was down in NYC and SF, digital health lead the funding pack, corporate money stayed active in the U.S.: See more in Pwc/CB Insights Q2 2017 MoneyTree Report—MoneyTree_Report_Q2_2017_Final_F

Angel Investing: Who, where, how much…See Angel Resource Institute’s 2016 Halo Report—full-report-2016haloreport

Is New York’s Silicon Alley ecosystem living up to the hype? —PitchBook_2017_Venture_Ecosystem_FactBook_New_York 

…And what’s happening in Austin, Texas?—PitchBook_2016_Venture_Ecosystem_FactBook_Austin

Which colleges and universities are producing venture-backed entrepreneurs? PitchBook_Universities_Report_2017-2018_Edition

An overview of angel/seed to early to late stage, activity by region and in the life sciences sector, fundraising and exits, and much more from National Venture Capital Association and PitchBook—2Q_2017_PitchBook_NVCA_Venture_Monitor-WEBSITE

It’s a new year and accountants, bankers, consultants, and investors are beginning to crank out new reports on the economy—read Silicon Valley Bank’s take on the health and productivity of the innovation economy: state-of-the-market-report2018

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